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The New Workplace: A Digital Transformation

The coronavirus pandemic has precipitated a seismic shift in the corporate workplace, forcing an unprecedented number of employees worldwide to work from home. For many enterprises, already under pressure to aggressively reduce the cost of daily operations, the shift to more employees working from home (WFH) will remain permanent.

  • 74% of CFOs expect from 10% to over 50% of employees to remain remote
  • Companies must successfully navigate this massive digital transformation without forgoing the dramatic cost savings gained from doing so
  • An entirely new approach is required

neutrino8: Built to Work for Work from Home

With neutrino8 solutions, the digital transformation of the workplace is not just possible, it’s a competitive advantage. AI-driven, virtualized, hardware-agnostic and Cloud-delivered, neutrino8’s uniquely innovative enterprise-class Work from Home Solution delivers secure, automated wireless network orchestration anywhere, while reducing enterprise access networking OPEX by up to 90% and CAPEX up to 30x.

Remote workers simply plug any neutrino8-enabled, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access point, pre-configured and provided by their organization, into their existing internet connection to immediately experience the same seamless, consistent, and secure connectivity they do in their corporate offices.

  • WFH employee’s corporate network access is physically partitioned and firewalled from the employee’s personal home wireless network, and controlled at any time by the enterprise IT network administrators
  • Enterprise wireless access networking TCO dramatically reduced to a fraction of its existing costs
  • Security, reliability, easy and inexpensive scalability to support any number of remote WFH employees

neutrino8 Fact Sheet 2020

The New Virtual Workplace: A Digital Transformation

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