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Reimagining Retail

Success in retail has never been easy, and the rise of e-commerce has driven an alarming, existential shift. To stay competitive and thrive, physical stores must find new cost-effective methodologies to increase profitable customer sales.

With neutrino8 solutions, physical stores and shopping malls:

  • Transform from passive product distribution points into highly personalized, tailored experiences.
  • Leverage machine learning driven tools to identify, engage, and delight loyal and potential shoppers.
  • Grow new profitable sales and promote customer loyalty — all while reducing costs.

From Survive to Thrive

eCommerce retailers can track online shoppers across a website, their interests and likes noted, and targeted advertisements triggered to follow them around the web. neutrino8’s analytics, insight and premium services, enable a parallel — or better — approach:

  • Better understand and personalize your shopper’s in-store experience.
  • Deliver relevant, timely, and meaningful promotions and other in-store marketing that cost-effectively drive purchases and enhance customer loyalty.

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