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A New Service Paradigm

Like running water, electricity, and a bed, hospitality guests view wireless connectivity as integral to their stay. They expect quality Wi-Fi in their rooms and throughout the venue for free. Hotels, on the other hand, still see connectivity as a cost, which they often expect to recover by charging guests — a miscalculation that can damage guest satisfaction and loyalty.

With neutrino8 solutions, hospitality venues:

  • Have a new, dramatically affordable option to provide guests venue-wide, pervasive wireless access connectivity without breaking the bank.
  • Transform wireless connectivity from a cost center into a revenue-generating asset.
  • Build new recurring, and profitable revenue streams through intelligent delivery of high-value, premium services for guests.

From Cost Center to Benefit

Data and insight gained through analytics helps hospitality venues:

  • Improve guest experience.
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Tailor and serve revenue-generating personalized promotions to generate a return on their investment in providing free Wi-Fi.

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