How Providers and Patients Win with
neutrino8 Healthcare Solutions

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Quality of Care

From IoT devices, mobile health, and electronic health records, to wireless and wearable patient devices, data is at the heart of modern medical care delivery.

neutrino8 solutions:

  • Aggregate and deliver robust and actionable analytics to support the healthcare organization’s core mission to improve patient care.
  • Materially help reduce access connectivity OPEX and CAPEX.
  • Provide immediate insight that enables priority opportunities and care gaps to be identified and addressed more efficiently.
  • Help healthcare providers deliver enhanced quality care, better outcomes, and greater cost savings.

Healthcare Productively

With neutrino8, healthcare providers have:

  • Affordable fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to staff, patients, and their families.
  • Consistent connectivity across all points of access regardless of capacity and density needs, application and devices mix, and resource and budget constraints.
  • Comprehensive and real-time/anytime overview of all connected users and devices.
  • Proactive, predictive, and historical insight into usage behavior, user journeys, locationing, quality of experience enhancement opportunities, and more.

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Healthcare Solutions

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