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Mission Critical

Wireless access networks are essential for day-to-day business operations. Until now, organizations have been locked into expensive and inflexible portfolios of SKUs from proprietary wireless system vendors.

neutrino8 solutions:

  • Eliminate the tyranny of proprietary hardware vendors and their outrageous costs.
  • Provide enterprise-class, hardware-agnostic, access networking solutions free from vendor lock-in.

Much More for Less

neutrino8’s cloud-delivered and AI-driven solutions for Enterprises:

  • Enable secure, reliable enterprise-class wireless access networks that reduce OPEX by up to 90% and CAPEX by up to 30%.
  • Free up resources to focus on other urgent enterprise priority projects.
  • Enable anytime, anywhere, real-time deep analytics and a new, open platform to rapidly take advantage of new features and the latest applications and services.

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