neutrino8 enables educational institutions to deploy and operate access networks at a fraction of the acquisition and operational costs of legacy systems.

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Your access network solution must meet the new, dynamic challenges of virtual learning and be far less expensive.

Smarter Education

Access networking solution for virtual learning — purpose-build for performance, purpose-build for security, purpose-build for good

Eliminate proprietary vendor lock-ins to drive significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX

Safe and Secure Learning

Content filtering, application blocking, and advanced security settings reduce operation costs, simplify multi-site deployments, and use bandwidth more efficiently

Enterprise-grade secure access with seamless roaming across campus

Communities with Impact

Create micro-communities of users with automated, dynamic rules management across buildings, campuses or schools

Increased control and insight over connected users on the network — view user details, connection status, location, and more

Freedom to Capitalize

neutrino8™ solutions liberate organizations from obsolete, highly-constraining, proprietary business models and drive an accelerated return on investment. neutrino8’s unique cloud-delivered, AI-driven, automated network orchestration services, in combination with our software-defined, hardware-agnostic network access and sensor solutions, continuously extract operational complexity. This drives down OPEX by up to 90%, and CAPEX by up to 30x while simultaneously enabling the delivery of revenue-generating, premium services that further enhance the bottom line.

The neutrino8™ Solution Portfolio

Connectivity provides a wealth of high-value, business data, which historically has been discarded. The neutrino8™ solution portfolio gathers intelligent data from Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth beacons, smartphones, and other network devices, providing business managers valuable insight, while simultaneously automating real-time, predictive and proactive access network orchestration to maximize end-user quality of experience. The data are also uniquely leveraged to optimize end-user value gained from premium revenue-generating services.

Much More Than Internet Access

Our open ecosystem of enterprise-class, AI-driven, hardware-agnostic, cloud-served solutions deliver real-time, actionable business intelligence from any point of access along with revenue-generating premium services. Transforming access networking from a utility into a revenue-generating asset, while gutting the cost of connectivity for any organization.

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