A multi-function, multi-purpose, end-user app

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  • Enables seamless, secure, dynamic user authentication and automated Wi-Fi network association.
  • Enterprises and communication service providers can leverage neutrino8’s blazeX as an end-user app, or as an SDK incorporating its functionality into their apps.
  • Provides organizations with rich, real-time insight, and historical and predictive data analytics to help optimize their wireless access network investment.
  • Communication Service Providers can leverage blazeX to significantly reduce inbound call center calls and resulting expensive technician truck rolls.
  • Option to perform as a self-provisioning, guided mobile onboarding app for non-technical users to help them set up wireless networks in their home or small business.

Key Features

  • Instant, secure, automatic authentication and association to the network
  • Available as an app, or incorporated as an SDK into existing apps
  • Tightly-coupled to leverage premium services delivery
  • Option for co-branding
  • Notifications with AI-driven suggestions

Key Benefits

  • Provides system-driven, secure authentication and automation connection to the enterprise access network
  • Can be used to effect role-based access, applying different privileges, messages, and notifications for staff, contractors, and guests
  • For SMB or residential networks, provides the end-user with easy, intuitive insight, management, and control of their Wi-Fi network
  • Reduces human error and complexity of setting up new residential and SMB networks
  • Delivers quality of connectivity experience
  • Can be leveraged by Communication Service Providers to reduce inbound call center calls and expensive truck rolls

neutrino8 Fact Sheet 2020

A Multi-Function, Multi-Purpose, End-User Communications App


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