Micro-community groups definition, management, and analytics

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neutrino8’s blazeUnity makes it easy for any organization to define, establish, manage, analyze, grow, and even monetize online communities, locally, regionally, and even globally.

Key Features

  • Extensible, multi-value functionality
  • Flexible onboarding:
    • Easy community group or individual member self-sign up
    • Integrates with existing member databases
    • Batch upload via CSV
  • Real-time and scheduled messaging / communication channel
  • Emergency alerts via push or in-app notifications
  • Instant, repeat, recurring, or rule-based message delivery
  • Simplified micro-community network access management
    • Application blocking
    • Specify SSID/access network
    • Time and bandwidth limits of network access
    • Pre-scheduled micro-community group messaging
  • Combine with network and usage data for rich analytics and business insight

Key Benefits

  • Easily define and create micro-communities of users locally, regionally and globally across one or multiple venues
  • Integrates with business’ existing mobile apps
  • Increased engagement, insight and control with organization's access network users
  • Easily leverage neutrino8’s blazePROMO for monetization opportunities of defined micro-communities

neutrino8 Fact Sheet 2020

Virtual Micro-Community Groups Definition, Management, and Analytics


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