Portable wireless access node provisioning app with instant cloud integration

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  • Portable access provisioning app designed for field technicians, network engineers, and IT managers.
  • Quickly and easily provisions new wireless access nodes on the spot.

Key Features

  • Auto-fill key information using the phone’s camera and geolocation

Key Benefits

  • Quickly, easily and dynamically provisions new nodes on the spot
  • Instant integration with the cloud
  • Reduces human error and complexity of setting up new remote networks
  • Leverage the App and smartphone's capabilities to avoid manual data-entry errors to improve productivity, save time, and avoid return visits by technicians
  • Use the phone’s geolocation to input node’s exact location for improved network analytics — e.g., for heat maps, user journeys, coverage gaps, etc

neutrino8 Fact Sheet 2020

Portable Node Provisioning App with Instant Cloud Integration


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