Dynamic, personalized promotion creation, delivery, and analytics solution for any organization, such retailers, hospitality venues, hoteliers, local municipalities, and more

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  • Transforms wireless access networks into an increasingly effective and efficient revenue-generating asset.
  • Eliminates the guesswork and expense of customer marketing by applying AI algorithms.
  • Enables marketers to deliver the right promotion message to the right visitor, customer, shopper, or guest at the right time, driving higher conversion rates.
  • Create, manage, analyze, and deliver targeted promotions via the online portal or IOS/Android mobile app

Key Features

  • Send personalized, data-driven promotions and messages
  • Mobile-first creation and delivery solution for ease of use and coupon redemption
  • Real-time analytics and insight into promotional campaign effectiveness
  • Repeat customer recognition and loyalty insight
  • Micro-location or geo-fencing-triggered delivery of coupon or message

Key Benefits

  • Increase conversion rate using AI neural net algorithms
  • More effective, with higher conversion rates than traditional marketing
  • Target messages and promotions straight into the hands, literally, of the customers they will impact the most
  • Actionable analytics and insight
    • Analysis of campaign effectiveness
    • Analytical comparisons of multiple campaigns
    • Know impact on driving a user to the promoted venue/store
    • Know promotion redemption success rates, and if user converts to a regular venue/in-store visitor and customer

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Dynamic Personalized Promotions Creation, Delivery, and Analytics Solution


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