SKU-independent, customizable, cloud-based mobile point-of-sale marketplace and payment system

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neutrino8’s blazePAY enables any organization to quickly and easily create, manage, and sell services from their own mobile online marketplace.

Key Features

  • Seamless, immediate authentication of  item purchase
  • SKU independent
  • Credit card and cash support
    • Credit card payments seamlessly integrate into end-user apps — neutrino8 blazeX or third-party apps with SDK (no additional app required)
    • Cash payments supported with an organization’s pre-authorized resellers
  • Full cloud integration workflow
  • Data, workflow, and user capture for full audits and forensics
  • Data analytics — transactions, SKUs, location sales, data, and more

Key Benefits

  • Turn non-customers and browsers into customers on-the-spot
  • Easy to set up and modify a portfolio of services or products SKUs
  • Offer additional benefits to guests, customers, visitors, subscribers, etc.
  • Build strategic partnerships and enable new B2B2C revenue models
  • Generate analytics of transactions and consumer analytics for managers or clients

neutrino8 Fact Sheet 2020

SKU-Independent, Customizable, Cloud-Based Mobile Point-of-Sale Marketplace and Payment System


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