Marketplace for revenue-generating services
Transform connectivity cost centers into assets

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From dynamic creation and delivery of promotions and business analytics, to point-of-sale mobile marketplaces, blazeHub premium services:

  • Generate revenue by monetizing access connectivity infrastructure.
  • Transform connectivity from a cost center into an asset.
  • Enable companies and organizations to offset their access network acquisition and operating costs, which are already dramatically reduced by leveraging neutrino8’s AI-driven network orchestration solutions.

Key Features

  • Growing portfolio of premium services with targeted value propositions
  • Premium services offer web-portal and mobile app functionality
  • Can integrate 3rd party applications via SDK
  • Optional co-branding
  • Advanced analytics

Key Benefits

  • Integrate applications seamlessly with neutrino8’s blazeAI automated access network orchestration
  • Manage selected applications from a single dashboard

neutrino8 Fact Sheet 2020

Marketplace for Revenue Generating Services


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