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A cloud-delivered, hardware-agnostic wireless access network orchestration solution.

  • Disrupts traditional proprietary WLAN solution paradigm of artificially high hardware and operating costs.
  • Reduces access networking OPEX by up to 90% and CAPEX by up to 30X.
  • Establishes a foundation for premium, revenue-generating services.
  • Unique, hardware-agnostic, software-defined networking (SDN) architecture for enterprise-class wireless access networks.
  • Agile, lights-out solution can be provisioned and made operational in minutes.
  • Intuitive dashboards allow for real-time visibility of the entire access network anytime, anywhere for 24x7 monitoring, control, and optimization.
  • Delivers instant business insights via rich proactive and AI-driven predictive analytics focused on continuous optimization of the user’s quality of experience.

Key Features

  • Extensible AI-automated, cloud-delivered, virtualized platform
  • Hardware-agnostic SDN framework
  • Continuous proactive and predictive access network orchestration focused on reliability, security, performance, and optimization of user QoE
  • Carrier-grade operational reliability and enterprise-class security
  • Seamless remote software upgrades
  • Built-in business intelligence
  • Real-time intuitive, on-demand visual and mobile “NOC”
  • Easy Wi-Fi + IOT node provisioning and configuration
  • Seamless and automated global secure authentication and roaming
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Managed Service Provider and Enterprise self-service modes
  • blazeTEK App for fast, easy Wi-Fi node provisioning, configuration, and deployment
  • blazeX multi-function mobile app, optional “personal NOC” and self-provisioning modes

Key Benefits

  • Freedom from constraints, high costs, and complexity
  • Freedom from expensive proprietary vendor lock-in silos
  • Built-in capabilities eliminate unnecessary, expensive proprietary vendor SKUs
  • 24/7 AI-automated, lights-out, hardware-agnostic wireless access network orchestration
  • Simplifies implementation and automates operational complexity, reducing OPEX by up to 90% and CAPEX by up to 30%
  • Frees up organization resources to focus on other business priorities and needs
  • Continuously scalable and future-proof; always up-to-date features

neutrino8 Fact Sheet 2020

Access Network Orchestration & Real-Time Analytics Platform


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