Cancelling your neutrino8 blazeAI trial subscription

How do I cancel my blazeAI free trial subscription?

Your free trial subscription of blazeAI is effective for a 30-day period. Should you choose not to purchase a blazeAI subscription option during your free trial, your subscription will terminate automatically at the end of 30 days.There is no action required to initiate cancellation.

Should you choose to cancel, we would greatly appreciate feedback on your experience using blazeAI and the reason for your cancellation by letting us know at

What happens to my blazeAI secure access at the end of the trial period?

If you choose not to purchase a blazeAI subscription option by the end of your 30-day free trial period, you will no longer be able to access or utilize blazeAI.

However, you’ll be able to continue enjoying the capabilities and benefits of blazeAI if you purchase a subscription option before your 30-day free trial period expires.

How do I continue using blazeAI to automatically manage my wireless access point beyond my free trial subscription period?

You can easily continue using and enjoying the benefits of blazeAI by selecting and purchasing a blazeAI subscription option.

What happens to my enterprise-class access point if I cancel my free trial subscription or do not purchase a blazeAI subscription option?

Once your 30-day free trial period for blazeAI ends, blazeAI will no longer deliver its automated network orchestration services to your access point unless you purchase a blazeAI subscription option.

However, and by design, your access point will continue to operate as a stand-alone Wi-Fi access point, providing wireless connectivity for your mobile devices. To deliver this functionality, it will need to be powered up and connected to the Internet.

Can I return my enterprise-class access point?

You can return the enterprise-class access point you purchased as part of our “Try It Out Special Bundle” anytime during or before expiration of your 30-day free trial period provided the access point in not damaged in any way and is operational. You will be refunded the purchase cost of the 30-day “Try it Out Special Bundle” less shipping costs and any sales tax. You will need to cover the shipping costs of returning the access point you purchased.

To return your enterprise-class access point within the 30-day trial period, please email us at